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"Hello, my name is Dr. Weston. When getting a denture or an implant supported denture, your comfort with me and my staff is very important.  Therefore, if you come for a FREE CONSULT, it will give us a chance to get to know one another and to discuss your options." – Dr. Neil Weston

Neil Weston

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Dr. Neil Weston, a Germantown dentist, has been helping patients with their dentures and implant supported dentures for many years. When you visit our office, Dr. Weston will discuss your treatment costs and options while making you feel comfortable and at home. He will do his best to provide options that fit within your budget.

Dr. Weston recognizes that tooth loss can lead to an inability to speak clearly which can cause lower self-esteem and confidence. He also knows tooth loss might limit your ability to eat your favorite foods.

Dental Implants, Implant-Supported Bridges and Dentures

Dentures can be uncomfortable. Simply stated, dentures can be a “real pain”. There is now an answer. You can have permanent, comfortable dentures by placing implants that hold your denture in place and prevent pain. This can give you the feeling of permanent teeth and change your life. To learn more about your options visit Dr. Weston who can explain how implants can be combined with dentures to give you pain-free teeth.

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